‘Steady as she goes’

Thursday 8 June 2017

Cherry Lake has been fishing steadily since the spawning of two weeks ago. The evidence of the last few weeks suggests to me that most of the Carp did spawn successfully but a minority of fish still have yet to spawn.

The biggest Carp from Cherry Lake recently has been this fabulous 28lb Ghost Mirror below to Cory Hicks. As you can see, this female fish, is still carrying spawn. Hopefully we will get some warm settled weather soon and she can get the ‘relief’ she needs. Cory was very pleased with this fish as he has been after one of Cherry Lake’s big Ghost carp for a while.

Leon Brannigan fishing in Grebe Lodge and Malcolm Quayle fishing in Heron Lodge are neck and neck at 4 Carp each in the ‘race’ to be this week’s top rod! Leon, who is on his first visit to Cherry Lake, has had 4 Carp to 22lb (see picture below). Malcolm has a had a similar number to 24lb including one of our ‘babies’ at 11lb.

Father and son team Andy and Darrell Smith have been staying in Pochard Lodge this week, their fourth visit to cherry Lakes. After a slow day or so, they have powered on and have landed around 20 Carp to 24lb (see the picture of Andy below). They have reported losing more than normal. Fishery manager Dave says he thinks that the Carp’s mouths get softer after spawning with hook holds not being as good. Whilst I am not sure about this, increasing the hook size and amending either the length of your rig or hair in my experience often helps.

Sean Rajnis has been on his first visit to Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool and he has been ‘hauling’! He has landed over 50 Carp and Bream, including at least 20 doubles to 20lb. He is coming back!

Cherry Springs has been proving quite difficult over the last couple of weeks. The Carp have also spawned and have been active and obviously feeding this week. We are convinced they are on naturals (initially spawn and now blood worm) as they are largely ignoring boilies. Maggots have proved to be the difference although as always this bait is not selective.

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