Stephen Preston gets amongst them on Cherry Mere.

Thursday 7 December 2017

My first post for nearly a month. The radio silence has principally been down to a real slow down in the number of anglers visiting Cherry Lakes coupled with the cold weather in November. The fact that I have also been working away means that I have been missing some of the action and have lazily not produced an update. Sorry!

As always at this time of the year, Cherry Lake slows right down for a month or so and can then start picking up around Christmas. The smaller lakes are always more productive, principally because these lakes are more heavily stocked. I think it is also because the angler is always ‘much closer’ to the fish. On Cherry Lake, the fish may be at the other end of the lake and out of reach. This is never the case on the smaller lakes where the angler can always reach the Carp.

Stephen Preston, who last winter did very well on Cherry Springs when he stayed in Kingfisher Lodge, decided this year to give Pochard Lodge a go. Stephen’s visit this week has been well timed. The temperatures have been a little higher with no frosts for about a week. He has so far managed 5 Carp from Cherry Mere including a stunning ‘wood-carving’ Mirror of 19-02 and a Ghost Mirror of 14-08 which looked great in her winter colours. He also lost a further two.

Stephen has tried a number of different spots ( a good winter tactic is to move regularly until you find the fish) fishing with small PVA bags filled with pellets and crushed boilies. Small 10-12mm hookbaits doing the trick! Well done Stephen.

If you fancy a trip before Christmas, we have plenty of vacancies in what must be the ultimate ‘winter bivvy’ (Lodges!) and may be able to sort you out a little deal. If so please call 01285 869887

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