Stephen Preston loves Cherry Springs in the winter as he lands two twenties!

Tuesday 8 December 2015

Stephen Preston who was visiting Cherry Lakes for the first time last weekend with his partner Cally Campbell thoroughly enjoyed himself. Stephen stayed in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs.

Stephen landed 11 Carp to 23lb, of which 7 were doubles and two twenties and was delighted with his result. The two bigger Carp weighed 23-00 and 22-08 and are pictured below along with a 12-08 Ghost Common. These fish were largely caught against the far margins on boilies. The Carp were mainly caught through the day and into the early part of the night (21.00). Very sociable if you ask me!

Cally’s comments in the visitors book neatly summed up their comments to me:-

‘Thank you Mike, Judith and Dave, for an amazing weekend and your lovely accommodation and facilities. We caught lots of lovely fish and we will be back’.

The two twenties are from our recent stocking of ten twenties in November and show that the fish are settling down and are feeding well. Pleasingly both are up on their stocking weight.

We are very quiet, so if you fancy a trip give us a call. It is a shame that more anglers are not enjoying this amazing winter weather which the Carp are clearly loving at the moment.

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