Steve Keen with his new Cherry Springs Lake record, a 30-12

Steve Keen smashes the Cherry Springs lake record

with a 30-12 Mirror
Wednesday 24 October 2018

I am absolutely delighted to report that regular guest Steve Keen has just smashed the Cherry Springs lake record. Shortly after dark tonight he landed a 30-12 Mirror.

The fishing has been very painful across all the lakes this week with the continuing high pressure and cool nights putting the Carp off. As I have mentioned before, it is often the bigger Carp that get caught when conditions are slow. Steve has certainly proved this point today.

Steve Keen with a stunning Cherry Springs Mirror of 24-02
And a stunning Cherry Springs Mirror of 24-02

As well as landing his record breaker, he also landed a very attractive Mirror Carp of 24-02. A cracking brace at anytime, and certainly when the other lakes are fishing poorly. The successful bait was our Dairy Cream boilies fished over a good scattering of boilies which had been fired out using a throwing stick. Excellent angling and extremely well done Steve.

Steve becomes the 114th member of the Cherry Lakes 30+ club and the first angler to land a properly weighed (I did it myself!) Carp over 30lb from Cherry Springs.

Cherry Springs, which can be a little moody at times through the summer months, is normally a good water to fish in difficult conditions because it is heavily stocked with some 400+ Carp in around 1.5 acres. It is generally a reliable winter water and is always worth a go. Some past guests have even caught from Cherry Springs when half of the lake is frozen!

Given our lakeside Lodges are the best ‘bivvies’ in the world, why not give Kingfisher Lodge, or indeed any of our other Lodges, a go this winter?

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