Steve Townsend joins the 30+ club

Saturday 28 May 2016

A good week across Cherry Lakes with some good catches. It is increasingly obvious though that the Carp are moody. The up and down weather is frustrating them as given half a chance they would rather ‘practice sex than feeding’! As far as I can see from the weather forecast the conditions for full on spawning is not yet on the horizon.  I will keep you updated.

We have a new member of the 30+ Club. Steve Townsend who is one of our regular guests caught his first thirty  amongst a two carp catch from Osprey Lodge. The 32-08 Mirror coming on Friday morning just before packing up time (see picture below)! This Carp is two pounds down in weight on the same time last last year when she was caught by Trevor Henshaw at 34-08. This Carp sets a new PB for Steve. Well done!

The other Cherry Lake anglers in Heron and the Cottage also caught , but unfortunately the angler in Grebe was unable to convert his few chances and blanked. As I said above the Carp appear a little distracted and moody.

Ashley Travis and Lee Wright had a great time in Pochard Lodge landing 14 Carp above 10lb including a 24lb Mirror and a Ghost Common of 16lb. They also had some fum catching some of the smaller Carp whilst waiting for the bigger ones to come along. They have promised to return.

Matt Wortherds also had a great holiday break in Egret Lodge. Whilst he had several rods out for the Carp, he concentrated on his pole fishing on a couple of days. He reported catches of 100lb+ of Bream on one day, the majority being between 4-6lb, as well as a lot of Roach around 1lb. He was particularly pleased with two Crucian Carp of 2-02 and this 2-12 Crucian below.

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