Lee Jackson with a 31-08 near Leather Carp from Grebe Lodge

Tackle Box duo both land 30's.

Ex-British Carp Lee Jackson record holder catches a thirty on his first visit
Tuesday 2 July 2019

Over the last couple of weeks we have had three different visitors from the leading tackle shop....The Tackle Box, which is based in Dartford Kent. Peter Jones, who is one of the managers in the shop is a regular visitor. The famous (in Carp fishing terms) Lee Jackson visited Cherry Lakes for the first time last week. Lee Jackson is the ex-British Carp record holder as well as past winner of the world classic Carp fishing competition. He also runs several lakes of his own. Carp fishing royalty indeed!

Lee with his 31-08 from Grebe Lodge
Lee Jackson with the biggest Carp of his visit. A 31-08 near Leather Carp

Lee stayed in Grebe Lodge with his lovely wife Christine. Lee caught several Carp including a 31-08 near Leather Carp pictured above . In doing so Lee became the 127th member of the Cherry Lake 30+ club. This Carp is another new thirty for us. In total we have now had 22 different Carp so far in 2019.

Lee was very complimentary about Cherry Lakes which is summed up in his departure text to me.... 'Loved it here....don't want to go home'. Lee can be seen wearing 'the shirt' below with fishery manager Dave Bowen below.

Lee and Dave
Lee Jackson with fishery manager Dave Bowen.

Peter Jones also spent his holiday in Grebe Lodge. Despite being here in some tough monsoon like conditions when the fishing was very slow, Peter managed to catch steadily throughout his stay and ended with 12 Carp, the biggest of which was this 32-08 Common caught in the rain. Peter's wife Angie was obviously keen to stay dry and took the photos looking out from the Lodge. The only trouble with this is that the light background makes it harder to see the detail of the Carp. I have done my best to adjust the lighting to better see the Carp even if makes the background a little odd!

As far as I can tell, this Common has also not been out in 2019. Peter is already a member of the 30+ club. Well done Peter on being 'top-rod' during your stay.

Peter Jones with his 32-08 Common. The biggest of his latest visit.
Peter Jones with his 32-08 Common. The biggest of his latest visit.

Peter kindly sent me a disc showing all of the Carp that he caught during his stay. The one which really caught my eye was this lovely Mirror of 20-12 pictured below.

We currently have a vacancy for Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake for Monday 15 to 19 July. If you fancy a crack at the Cherry Lake Carp, please call me on 01285 869887 to book.

Peter Jones with a lovely Mirror of 20-12
Peter Jones with a lovely Mirror of 20-12
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