Team Trakker at Cherry Lakes

Monday 19 February 2018

I mentioned in my update yesterday that a team from Trakker products attempted to photo shoot the new range of Trakker Products at Cherry Lakes last week. They were a little unlucky in that the lakes were partially frozen on their arrival followed by two days of freezing monsoon like weather. In fact the light was so bad, they are returning to finish the photo shoot later this month.

Whilst they were here they did manage to get some rods out on Cherry Springs. As you can see they all managed a few and it just goes to show what can be caught in even the most difficult of weather. I am not sure about the weights, I think several were around 15lb. Given how well these boys take photos it is hard to tell!  Well done to Team Trakker.

Today has been the first mild day for a while. All of a sudden Cherry Lake looks like it is coming alive with signs of feeding fish all over the lake. It is a shame no one is fishing this week as I am sure they are at last catchable.

Oxford FC football star, Cameron Brannaghan also popped down for a quick night on Pochard Lodge after the Beardmore’s had left on Sunday. he managed three in quick succession including this cracking 25-06 Mirror

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