Grandad and Grandma Williams with Luke and great grandchild Martha. What a lovely photo!

Temporary ban on Spod Mix and Hempseed

Low water levels likely to get worse
Monday 11 July 2022

I have just returned from a week's fishing (camping!) in France. Given I blanked, that's all I want to say about it!

I will write separately about recent captures, but this one is a short focussed update. I did however love this photo of a 30-06 Mirror, caught by Malcolm Williams whilst staying in Cherry Lake Cottage, (and held by Grandson Luke) with the rest of his family above, which I could not resist using!

Water levels across the 4 lakes at Cherry Lakes are very low. In fact neither Dave or I can remember the lakes being this low over the last 10 years or so. We are barely into July, with weeks of hot temperatures ahead of us, water levels are not likely to get better for months. The River Churn which runs along the northern boundary of Cherry Lakes has essentially stopped running and is not re-charging the local water table which feeds the lake levels.

We will do whatever we can to maintain water quality. The most important of which is aeration. The pumps are now all going 24/7, which is more painful than normal given the huge hike in energy prices.

In the heat, our Spod Mix and Hempseed goes off quickly. Of greater concern is that the Spod mix and Hempseed might not be eaten and rot quickly in the high water temperatures. As such, to protect the health of our Carp over the next two months, we have decided to suspend the use of Spod Mix and Hempseed across Cherry Lakes. For now we are essentially a Boilie and Pellets only water.

I am sorry if this preventative action disappoints any of the guests due over the next couple of months, but I hope all anglers can understand why we feel the need to take this action.

Regular followers of these updates as well as past guests, already know that no particles other than those supplied by ourselves (now suspended).

Spod Mix 2
Spodmix and Hempseed are temporarily banned to protect water quality and the Carp.

Subject to what happens over the coming weeks, we may find it appropriate to also ban pellets. We will keep this under review.

For now however, we have increased the amount of pellets in the 5KG bait deal from 4.5KG to 9KG and reduced the price of the 'deal' to £110

I will keep you updated and I am now regularly undertaking my 'rain dance'!.

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