Tench stocked into the exclusive lakes

Sunday 29 October 2017

As promised I have included below several of the photos of the Carp caught when Richard Mascall  fished on Cherry Springs last week. I would like to thank Richard for sending these photos through so quickly as you would be surprised by how many broken ”I’ll send them through when I get home” promises that I have had!

This was Richard’s, and wife Michaela’s, first visit to Cherry Lakes and they enjoyed staying in Kingfisher Lodge. Richard caught some 21 Carp, including three over 20b, including this 27-02 Mirror pictured below. This particular Carp has grown by 5lb since being stocked two years ago. Whilst this is not dramatic, I am pleased with this steady growth rate given the large number of Carp (c450) in Cherry Springs. Some 10 of Richard’s Carp weighed over 15lb, including this distinctive 19-08 Mirror Carp pictured with Michaela below.

Changing the subject from Carp for a second, we have today just stocked just short of 100 Tench into the three exclusively booked lakes (Cherry Springs, Cherry Mere and Cherry Pool). Tench unlike Carp are very slow growing. These little beauties were believe it or not 5 years old. They should hopefully do well in these lakes and not suffer too much from predation and become 2-3lb fish over the next few years.  When added to the existing Tench stocks, I am expecting that visiting anglers can now target this species more effectively in the future. Sometimes it is nice to have a float rod out (quill float if you like Mr Crabtree style!) whilst you are waiting for your alarms to go. Time will tell!

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