Teri 36-12

Teri Brebner extends her Cherry Lake record!

The Cherry Lake Carp enjoyed their 'Wedding break'!
Sunday 8 August 2021

We have just got back from a week's break in St Ives in Cornwall, where other than eating, drinking and reading books we did not do very much (I know it sounds like we have been on a holiday!). Just what the Doctor ordered as we were both exhausted from the wedding (hopefully my last reference to the wedding!).

I have now got to re-tune into what's been happening over the last few weeks since my last proper update. I hope it's just my age, but my memory is shot to pieces......or so it seems, and despite the fact that fishery manager Dave has been on the ball keeping me updated, I am going to apologise now to all those anglers who would normally have had a mention.

Before I get going I should say that 2022 is filling up fast. So if you are thinking about returning to Cherry Lakes next year, I would suggest you do not leave it too long to book.

Fishing has been largely good and the Carp certainly enjoyed the wedding break. Cherry Springs has really come back into form with some good catches and at least 50 Carp have been landed over the last 10 days or so. Alan Powell for example had six during his first 24 hours, up until yesterday evening including Mirrors of 25lb+ and 24lb+.

I am also pleased to report that some of our regular guests have been catching some good Carp including four Personal Bests.

Lee Pierce with his new PB, a 33-04 Mirror from Heron Lodge
Lee Pierce with his new PB, a 33-04 Mirror from Heron Lodge

Teri Brebner and partner Lee Pierce had a great weekend in Heron Lodge , straight after the wedding lockdown. Teri, who was already the Cherry Lake record holder for a lady angler, extended both her PB and her record 'lead' even further when she landed the 36-12 Common pictured above. Good humoured Lee, who is pictured in the lead photo above holding the Carp due to Teri's weak wrists, is always pleasantly philosophical about being 'out-fished' by Teri'. So I was delighted for him when he also caught his new PB, when he landed this 33-04 Mirror immediately above.. Lee's Mirror was a new addition to this year's 30+ catalogue.

Martin Eagle is another regular who set his new PB after the wedding break. last year. His previous best was caught last year, a 30-04 Mirror. This year he went even further and 'qualified' for his 35+ Hoody when he landed the lovely Mirror known as 'Apple Slice' at 35-12 from Grebe Lodge. He was on fire during his stay as he also landed two other 30lb+ Carp, Mirrors of 33-08 and 31-04.

Martin Eagle with 'Apple Slice' at 35-12 from Grebe Lodge
Martin Eagle with his new PB, 'Apple Slice' at 35-12 from Grebe Lodge

Marcus Roach, another returning guest, was delighted with his new PB, a 31-02 Mirror which was also another new addition to our 2021 30's catalogue (I will do some work on the catalogue and give a full update on our 'running scores' in a future update). He also joined the Cherry Lake 30+ club as our 226th member.

Marcus Roach with his new PB, a 31-02 Mirror
Marcus Roach became our 226th member with this 31-02 Mirror.

First time visitor Kerry Guest, has this weekend also set her new PB and has become our 227th Cherry Lakes 30+ club member. She fished a fishmeal wafter over some boilies and pellets. It is always good to see new members of the club, and especially lady anglers.

Kerry Guest with a near Leather of 30-01. Her new PB.
Kerry Guest with a near Leather of 30-01. Her new PB.

Fishery manager Dave called me to say that Kerry had landed a near Leather Carp, which he did not recognise, and had weighed it at 30-01. He was right, as I cannot find this fish in any of our past 30+ catalogues.

Given the rush of new 30's reported here, I am getting the impression that the Carp have been feeding well over the last few weeks (we always up our feeding levels after we think spawning has finished) and as a result the Carp appear to have been putting on some weight. If so, it should not be too long before we start seeing some of the bigger Carp and hopefully add to our list of 4 recently caught 40lb+.

We are still waiting to see the big male Common known as 'The Patch', on the bank, which was last caught by Tom Nixon-Taylor in July 2020 at 42-12. He has been seen and is reported to be looking massive.....time will tell.

Well done to all those anglers above, apologies again to those I have missed, as well as a general apology for being short on detail. Hopefully normal service can now be resumed!

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