Terry Lambert with a 31-08 Cherry Lake Mirror from the Cottage. The second of a nice brace of thirties!.

Terry Lambert lands the 20th 30lb+ Cherry Lake Carp of 2018

Friday 17 August 2018

A typical week at Cherry Lakes with some 13 Carp caught by the anglers on Cherry Lake. However to start first with Cherry Pool first for a change.  Jay Peters was on his first visit to Cherry Lakes and stayed in Egret Lodge. He told me that he needed to ‘go home for a rest’ when he was leaving this morning! He caught over 30 Carp and numerous Bream including this very nice 14lb Ghost Common below.

Top rod this week has been Steve Keen fishing from Osprey Lodge. Steve and his lovely wife Donna are amongst our favourite regular guests and it is always a please to see them. Steve always catches from Cherry Lake when he visits. Despite catching 8 Carp this week and plenty on other visits he is desperate to become a member of the Cherry Lake 30+ club. He leaves with his Cherry Lake PB still intact. Better luck next time Steve….you will have to keep coming back!

Steve’s good friend Stuart Chafer stayed in Kingfisher Lodge this week and reported 13 Carp to 18lb. He was pleased to have caught more than Steve, although to be fair Cherry Springs is normally ‘easier’ than Cherry Lake!

Even more ‘frustrating’ for Steve (my words……not his!) is the fact that Terry Lambert, who has been staying for the first time in Cherry Lake Cottage, landed two 30′s from just 3 Carp caught. As you might know from my last update Terry Lambert caught a 31-04 Common earlier in the week. Yesterday morning he made it an impressive brace of 30′s when he landed a 31-08 Mirror. Needless to say he was delighted to catch both a Common and Mirror over 30lb (see below) in the same session. The successful bait was the Cherry Lakes Supreme Fish boilies.

I am also delighted to report that this Carp is the 20th landed so far in 2018 above 30lb’s. The fish was in great condition and is no doubt one of our bigger twenties that are coming through. As mentioned before the long hot summer, particularly coming on the back of a cold winter where the Carp had a good rest, has been good for the Carp feeding. They have recovered from spawning and put on weight more quickly than in more normal summers. We can’t wait to see some of the bigger Carp, some of which we expect to be comfortably over the 40lb barrier.

Terry Lambert with his new PB Common. A 31-04 Common from Cherry Lake Cottage. The first of a lovely brace.
Terry Lambert with his new PB Common. A 31-04 Common from Cherry Lake Cottage. The first of a lovely brace.
Jay Peters 14lb Ghost Common
ay Peters was delighted with this lovely 14lb Ghost Common from Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool.
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