The Beake’s love Egret!

Friday 24 March 2017

I do not usually devote a whole story to Egret Lodge and Cherry Pool. This is largely because I do not get sent the photos and their are better shots from one of the other Lakes. Well this time it is different! Some photos and reports of an 8lb Tench!

Fishing couple Paul Beake and Helen Mason stayed in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool last weekend and had a great time. They both caught and lost a good number of Carp during their weekend stay. The Carp fed both during the day and as you can see during the night.

Paul had the largest carp a Mirror of 15-04 (see below), whilst Helen’s best was this night caught Common of 12-08 ,which I thought looked bigger(….Helen are you sure Paul did not mis-read the scales accidentally?!)  Judge for your self from the photos below.

I particularly loved the photo the Beake’s sent through of ‘Bobbins’. The friendly Robin which lives by Egret Lodge and loves nothing more than landing on the rods to make the ‘Bobbins twitch’. Hence his name!

I did not get to see Gary and Kieran who fished in Egret this week, but I understand that despite the cold and rain they caught well including a reported 8lb Tench. I am very disappointed not to have seen this fish and would love a photo.

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