The Campion’s share 49 Carp from Cherry Mere

Friday 2 June 2017

Fishing couple Marc and Leigh-Ann Campion have been on a return holiday this week and have been staying in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere along with Leigh-Ann’s mother and Brother. They have just left having enjoyed a fabulous week’s fishing.

Marc and Leigh-Ann kept switching methods during the week to very much keep their bite indicators ‘moving’. In quieter times, they would fish the ‘Method’ or Sweetcorn. This enabled them to pick up some of the smaller Carp. In fact they were very pleased to land some 28 Carp between 1 and 6lb. I was delighted when they showed me the detailed list of captures and their weights. This confirmed to me that we have a good number of Carp coming through between 3 years old (11 were between 4-6lb), 2 years (12 between 2-4lb) and 1 year old (7 under 2lb). Our challenge is to keep feeding them to ensure they grow at a reasonable rate.

Marc and Leigh-Ann also caught 19 Carp over 10lbs including a 21-12 to Marc (his biggest so far from Cherry Lakes) and two new PB’s for Leigh-Ann, a 16-04 Mirror and a 20-08 Common. As you can see from the photos below, Leigh-Ann was delighted with these two fish. I was particularly pleased with the 16-04 Mirror because she was wearing one of our sweatshirts! The bigger Carp all came to bolies. the successful tactic was to feed heavily with boilies (I think Marc fished with a Krill bolies) throughout the week (some 15kg was fired out).

As you can see from the photos, the Carp are showing some signs of their exertions during last week’s spawning.

Cherry Lake has fished well amazingly well this week, given the spawning of last week. Regular Jim Killeen  had his best trip to date and landed 8 Carp to 23lb from Grebe Lodge (these were mainly male Carp which typically seem to get on the feed the quickest after spawning). Steve Keen in Osprey Lodge landed three to 24-08 in Osprey, whilst Barry Gammon also landed three including a 33lb Mirror at 01.00 on Thursday morning from The Cottage swim. Unfortunately because of the hour the photos of this Carp were not the best and Dave was unable to confirm whether this was a new thirty for this year or not. As regular followers of these updates are aware we have good photos of 13 different thirties landed so far in 2017.

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