The Cherry Lakes Carp wake up – at last!

Sunday 26 February 2017

As you can tell from the absence of ‘radio contact’, Cherry Lakes has been very quiet recently. A combination of low angling levels and the absence of the  Carp which have been enjoying an extended winter sleep!!

As you can tell from the photos below the Carp have started to wake up and play ball. Justin Barrett has been on his first visit to Cherry Lakes this weekend. His lovely partner Leanne treated him for his 30th birthday. Justin has been delighted with his birthday weekend away in Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake, not least because he landed this very attractive heavily scaled Mirror of 24lb. High visibility pop-ups fished just over the near channel did the trick. Well done Justin and thanks for the photo.

With another angler losing a Carp earlier this morning and several Carp also being seen rolling, an unusual event on Cherry Lake in the winter, it seems at last as though the Cherry Lake Carp are on the move. They must know that Spring technically starts on Wednesday!

I also fancied a morning’s fishing and chose to take advantage of a ‘free’ Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. Winter is often the only chance I get to fish at Cherry Lakes.  I am also glad that I did, because in just over 3 hours fishing I managed to land a 19-00 and 13-04 Mirrors along with this stunning heavily scaled Mirror below of 20lb. This Mirror has a lovely shape and big fins and fought very hard. I am very pleased to have caught such a beauty!

All of my three Carp came to our new ‘Dairy-Cream Delight’ boilies which we have been slowly feeding into the lakes over the last few weeks. I fished a critically balanced bait over about a dozen crushed Dairy-Cream Delight boilies and a handful of mixed pellet. The fish all fought well and looked in very good condition as well as hungry!

With the Carp feeding, presumably on all the lakes, I look forward to up dating you all more regularly. We have a lot of Lodges still available over the next few weeks, so if you fancy a last minute deal, please call us on 01285 869887.

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