The Clarke’s share a 20 Carp catch from Cherry Mere

Monday 15 May 2017

Father and Son team, Peter and Lee Clarke, have been enjoying a return visit to Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere this weekend and they have had a fabulous time. Given how well they did, I thought I would indulge them with giving them their own individual write up!

They amazingly shared a catch of 20 Carp between them. Of these 15 were doubles between 13lb to just over 20lb.  They caught from a variety of spots all over the lake including the middle and just down from the aerator. The successful tactics included feeding a mix of boilies of different colours as well as scattering boilies over a large area and then fishing single hook baits.

Their only complaint was that the Carp knew when they were also eating. Lee managed to have Carp during both his Curry from Chutneys as well as during the BBQ. On both occasions he had to suffer cold food. To me this seems a small price to pay!

Lee outpaced his dad by 15-5, although 4 of these were between 4-7lb which are some of our Cherry Mere home grown Carp coming through.

Well done Lee and Peter



and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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