The good news is the weather is changing!

Tuesday 27 June 2017

We have been away for the last week or so in Maderia. We booked the holiday to get some R&R as well as some sun. It turns out that we missed the really hot sweltering spell at home and went some where cooler! We have returned home to more normal English summer conditions with low pressure, rain and much lower temperatures (fortunately?) forecast for the next week or so. The Carp should now get munching!

Needless to say the fishing over the last last ten days has been slower than usual. The Carp have been doing their normal trick in these conditions of ‘taking the Michael’ by cruising around and teasing anglers but showing very little interest in feeding.

The good news though about such a long hot spell is that we can now be confident (but no guarantees!) that the Carp are now pretty much spawned out.

Dave tells me that most anglers did catch one or two last week, but given that everyone seemed to ‘melt in the heat’ including Dave, I don’t have any photos to share with you.

I do know that despite the conditions that Kevin Lane fishing in Kingfisher Lodge was extremely pleased with the 16 Carp he caught to 17lb. It is good to see Cherry Springs return to a bit of form and now that we are post spawning with more normal conditions I am expecting them to get on the feed.

Peter Jones of The Tackle Box fishing shop fame spent a week in Pochard Lodge. He did well despite both the heat and a lot of trips out, to average a Carp or so a day. He was particularly pleased to have stalked a  15lb Mirror Carp in just 18 inches of water. Watching the Carp feed with their tails up over your bait is always very exciting if not bad for your nerves! And real fun when the water boils as the Carp bolts! Well done Peter.

Phil Fry of Angling Technics fame, landed a 24-08 Mirror from Cherry Lake but failed to photo it. You will not be surprised to learn that he caught it using one of his own Bait Boats!

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03-07 July. Grebe Lodge

07-10 and 10-14 July Osprey Lodge

As there are no photos from last week, I have ‘re-run’ several favourites of mine taken from Cherry Lake this year to whet your appetite. I hope you like them

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