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The Ians’ fantastic haul from Cherry Mere

They share an amazing 44 Carp including 14 x 20’s
Sunday 2 February 2020

Ian Blackwell and Ian Taplin have just spent a fabulous weekend in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. They have just had the best ever winter result at Cherry Lakes. They shared 44 Carp including 14 twenties to 27lb. Out of this world winter fishing!

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Rather than me use my usual words , I have simply copied much of Ian Blackwell’s e mail to me and included it below.

The lake has been very kind to us...at the moment we’re on about 44 fish, not sure on exact numbers it’s been hectic at times!! We’ve had 14 twenties of which five have been 25 and one was 27...the quality of the fish has been amazing.

The biggest was caught by Ian Blackwell, a  27lb mirror which is pictured in the photo above. He also had a superb  25lb+ Common seen in the lead photo above, as well as 2 further Carp around 25lb, one of which is pictured in the final photo at the end of this post.

Fishing partner Ian also had a Carp of just over 25lb to ensure Ian Blackwell did not monopolise the bigger fish.

Ian Taplin 25.png

We haven’t fished over night...once it’s gone dark we’ve retired the rods as they’ve had bites....Friday that meant they were all wound in by about 11pm, Saturday they were all wound in by 8.30pm! We’ve caught from all round the lake fishing just off the margins. We’ve been lucky with the weather...it’s been 8-12 degrees, pressure around 1,000 and pretty windy (gusts probably 35mph)...for January/February perfect!’

Well done to both Ian Blackwell and Ian Taplin on a true lay amazing session. Excellent angling.......remind me to charge you double next time! ;)

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