Three 30lb+ Carp in 24 hours to Paul Sillence.

Friday 5 May 2017

We have just had an amazing couple of days on Cherry Lake and to do justice to the anglers and Carp concerned I will split this update into two. After a very slow start to the week, by which I mean no Carp caught, the fishing since mid-day Wednesday has certainly picked up. The star of the week has been Paul Sillence.

Paul has been fishing in the Cottage swim for the last week and for 5 days he did not have a sniff. Paul is a real gentleman, he kept his spirits up, did not moan and kept applying himself. As my face became gloomier for him, he kept reminding me that ‘this is Carp fishing’ and ‘blanks’ are part of the experience! His positive attitude and relaxed approach certainly paid dividends for him.

In the last 36 hours Paul has caught 7 Carp, including three over 30lb and a 29-06 Mirror. I have included shots of the 30-12 Common and the 30-09 and 30-02 Mirrors below. What a way to join the 30+ club! Whilst we have had several anglers catch two thirties in a session, this is the first time an angler has caught three. Paul even caught these within 24 hours of each other. Well done Paul and welcome to the 30+ club.

The 30-02 Mirror is a new thirty for us, whilst the Common has been out a similar weight in 2016. The 30-10 Mirror was caught a week or so ago. Our running total of different well photographed thirties caught so far this year now stands at ten.

The Cherry Lake Carp are obviously feeding (although it is not always obvious what on!) and putting on weight as they build up to spawning. Typically this is the time of the year when the female Carp are at their heaviest and this is showing in the weights. Personally late April and May is my favourite time to go fishing, and as Paul has shown, if you catch it right and fish well you can get some amazing results.

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