Bobby Lambsdon 33-08

Three more anglers each have a Cherry Lake 30+

I am giving up on the bigger Carp spawning this year!
Monday 10 August 2020

This weekend was not as bad for our guests on Cherry Lake as I had hoped. I mentioned in my last update that I was very hopeful that the bigger Carp which have not yet spawned, would do so over the weekend. Well they did not! I now can't see the bigger Carp spawning this year, having just come through a sweltering weekend. Assuming these Carp can successfully reabsorb or carry their eggs, I guess we are going to have some even bigger Carp swimming around Cherry Lake for the next year or so. My concern of course is that some of these Carp won't be able to do so and I might lose one or more. Not much I can do about this other than keep stressing about them! Time will tell.

Bobby Lambsdon with his new PB. An impressive 33-08 Common.jpg
Bobby Lambsdon with his new PB. An impressive 33-08 Common

Despite the heat, and my hopes for spawning, and given the conditions, Cherry Lake fished did all three of the smaller exclusive lakes.

Whilst not prolific, anglers from all three Lodges including the Cottage reported at least one Carp, and all went away pleased with their weekend efforts.

Top rod this weekend was Bobby Lambdon who fished in Grebe Lodge with good friend Ben Boatman. Last time the friends visited, it was Bobby who blanked. It is always dangerous to tease someone up front....I think both Ben and I said to Bobby that the 'pressure was on'!. Well this time Bobby turned the tables on Ben (who blanked). Bobby landed three lovely Carp including a beautiful Mirror of 18lb and a Common of 21lb, topped by his new English PB, a Common of 33-08 pictured in the lead photo above.

Bobby used a pop-up tipped with corn fished over the usual successful technique of crushed fishmeal boilies and pellets. Bobby joined the 30+ club as our 177th member.

Teri Brebner with her 31-08 Mirror held by partner Lee Pearce.
Teri Brebner with her 31-08 Mirror held by partner Lee Pearce.

Teri Brebner and her partner Lee returned to Osprey Lodge for their summer holiday. Amazingly during their stay they reeled in two Carp which were trailing a lot of line. Good news for the Carp, but bad news that some anglers are using poor quality/old line. Other than stepping up our rig checks which I know some feel are intrusive, I am at a loss to know what to do about this?

Teri is our current lady angler record holder having caught a 35-07 Mirror last year. She remarked to me that whilst she has a club '35+ Hoody' she would also like a 30+ shirt. She has one now! The highlight of Teri's trip was this 31-08 Mirror pictured above and held by Lee. This Carp picked up one of our new Fish Spice boilies approx three quarters the way across.

This Carp was caught early in 2020 by Dean Goode at a similar weight.

Roger Sparks with a 33-04 Mirror from  Cherry Lake Cottage
Roger Sparks with a 33-04 Mirror from Cherry Lake Cottage

Roger Sparks with his wife Suzanne and family returned this weekend to stay in Cherry Lake Cottage. They had a good time with their Granddaughter being very pleased as she caught lots of Perch. Roger only had one, but was very pleased with his 33-04 Mirror Carp. This Carp was last caught by Carl Booth in September 2019 at 30-08. It is a relatively short carp for Cherry Lake and was clearly carrying spawn. This Carp along with Bobby Lambsdon's Common from above bring the running total of Cherry Lake 30+ Carp in 2020 to 35.

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