Three more members of the Cherry Lake 30+ club

Sunday 7 June 2015

Cherry Lake has produced three new members of the 30+ club this week as the bigger Carp have given up waiting to spawn and have gone back on the feed.

I will confess to being extremely disappointed not to have any decent photos to show you, as I did not get the chance to see the Carp ‘in the flesh’ despite being on the fishery for two of them. The two bigger Carp at 38-12 (which we think is the lake record Common)  and 34-00 (also a Common) were also the PB’s for the anglers concerned. Given there is almost always one of Dave Bowen the fishery manager or me on-site, if you come and catch a ’30′, always phone or come and get us. This way you can guarantee a decent photo and keep us happy! The third Carp weighed in at 32-08.

Wayne Whitehead shared a holiday break with partner Jade Hibbins in Heron Lodge and caught some cracking Carp (sorry I cannot remember how many!) including this fabulous two tone Common which Dave tells me was stunning. It also had a ‘bit of a ‘Ghostie’ in her.

Talking of ‘Ghosties’, Richard Blakeman in Grebe Lodge managed a couple of Carp including this fabulous ‘Koi’ like Common at 23-08. He was clearly delighted by this fabulous Carp.

We still have Heron Lodge (12-15th June)  and the Cottage (15-19th) on Cherry Lake as well as Kingfisher Lodge (15-19th) still available for this month. Please call if you fancy a late deal break.

Cherry Pool produced Carp to 18lb along with Bream whilst the guests in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs reported 18 Carp on the bank.

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