Three PB’s across Cherry Lakes as the weather changes.

Monday 22 August 2016

Three personal bests this weekend across Cherry Lakes to report. I always love it when our guests beat their PB’s, not least because it normally ensures they go away very happy! With the weather turning cooler and wetter and air pressure dropping, the Carp responded well across all of our lakes.

Top rod on Cherry Lake this weekend was first time visitor Aaron Guymer who landed 5 Carp including this 28lb Mirror pictured below. Aaron largely fished areas on the far bank.

Paul Salter, another first time guest, stayed in the Cottage and was delighted with this 27-04 Mirror of 27-04. A new PB for Paul. Paul was a little fortunate to land this one. By sheer chance I was driving past and could see he had one on. He was however fighting a ball of weed some 6 feet in front of the fish. Somehow we managed together to get it into the net before the fish came off! The issue here being that he had not dropped his lead and it was the lead that had collected the weed. As we keep saying make sure you ‘rubbers’ are on loosely to drop the lead on the take. This way you keep in direct contact with the hooked fish and there is less for the Carp to get snagged on.

Andrew Pike and family, including his 89 year old grandmother stayed in Pochard Lodge and they clearly had a lovely time. Grandmother Irene even brought her own rod, complete with centre pin!, and she caught small carp and Perch steadily over the weekend from just off the decking. She was a real pleasure to watch. She was enjoying just as much as a young child does when they first start catching. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Andrew also did very well, fishing with the large Cherry Lake special red boilies, he landed 12 doubles including two 19′s to 19-08. In doing so he twice broke his PB. (If I get any photos I will add them to this post later).

Paul and Max Ellis also did well on Cherry Springs landing 14 carp to 19-08. Similar catch levels were also reported on Cherry Pool with 14 carp landed. Well done to everyone and especially those catching their PB’s.

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