Tim Simmonds lands 7 carp to 27-06 from Heron Lodge

Friday 30 June 2017

Tim Simmonds fishing from Heron Lodge took advantage of the good conditions this week to land 7 Carp to 27-06. Tim, who has been fishing Cherry Lake for the first time, made the comment at the end of his stay, ”that if could have started again he would have caught a lot more as it took him until Wednesday to work it out”! Next time he says he should catch even more!

Tim, who is clearly an experienced angler, said that all of the Carp caught where all spawned out and were either ‘hollow’ or ‘slim’. Several of the Carp including the 22lb Mirror below were showing signs of their spawning efforts. These marks should hopefully disappear over the next two months as they return to tip-top condition.

Brian and Graham Tinworth are currently having fun on Cherry Springs. After 3 days in Kingfisher Lodge they have landed 18 Carp including two twenties to 23-07. They still have four days to go!

We still have several Lodges available over the next two weeks after which we get busier with August fully booked. So if you fancy a late trip to Cherry Lake call 01285 869887,

Friday 07-10 July Osprey Lodge

Monday 10-14 July Heron Lodge

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