Toby Mason lands 6 Carp from Osprey Lodge

Friday 12 February 2016

Toby Mason and his partner Rae stayed in Osprey Lodge this week and had Cherry Lake largely to themselves. They thoroughly enjoyed their winter holiday break. Another angler who has proved that the Cherry Lake Carp can be caught in the winter.

Toby enjoyed at least some action everyday, mostly as is the normal during the day (4 out of 6 landed), and landed 6 Carp. The average size was a little lower than the normal, with the biggest Carp, both Mirrors, going 22-02 and 20-14. He also had this lovely Fully scaled Mirror at 19-14 pictured below.

Toby did well to catch so steadily given that the water temperatures have dropped this week after several over night frosts. Well done Toby and we look forward to seeing you back at Cherry Lakes.

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