Tom Nixon-Taylor sets the pace.....again!

Tom is this week's top rod and has a 33-08 Ghost Common to boot!
Thursday 22 August 2019

Tom Nixon-Taylor has returned to Cherry Lakes this week for his regular visit with his Grand-Parents. A great way to spend some time with your Grand-Parents......Fishing......and they pay!

This year, with all the normal distractions of a teenager, they did not book as quickly and as a result Osprey was already booked. So this year it has been Heron Lodge for Tom. So far since Monday Tom has landed 5 Carp including a lovely Ghost Common of 33-08. This Carp came on a small snowman fished over a bed of Pellets, with some sweetcorn and crushed boilies. Tom is this week's top rod despite the fact that he has also lost two others. Nice stat to your week Tom!

Tom Nixon-Taylor with a lovely 33-08 Ghost Common from Heron Lodge
Tom Nixon-Taylor with a lovely 33-08 Ghost Common from Heron Lodge

I am also pleased to report that all the other anglers on Cherry Lake have caught at least one Carp. Stuart Markham who has been on his first visit to Cherry Lake and staying in Grebe Lodge, has had 4 Carp to 27-08 (biggest a Common) including this lovely Koi like Common Carp of 18-07 pictured below. Stuart was highly complimentary when I met him for the first time this morning. I liked his line that 'The Lodges are 6 star bivvies';! I agree and I think the colder and more miserable the weather the higher the 'star rating' for our Lodges!

Carl Maddison has been staying in the Cottage and has landed a night Common of 29-08. It is funny but all of the big fish this week have been Commons. I have no idea why? One more night....lets see what this brings us!

STuart Markham with a 18-01 koi like Common
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