Tony’s mad hour delivers the goods!

Saturday 5 March 2016

Tony Wootten and his wife stayed in Heron Lodge this week. This was Tony’s first visit in the winter to Cherry Lake having previously visited in the warmer months.

Tony’s visit coincided with some difficult winter fishing conditions, notably cold weather including frosts of a night and a nagging northerly. The photo below shows clearly how cold it has been recently and captures the fist snow of the winter here at Cherry Lakes (in March when technically Spring has begun!). The Cherry Lake carp respond to these conditions like Carp do other in similar lakes. They switch off for long periods of time before having a short sharp feeding spell.

Tony did well to keep plugging away in these conditions and for the first 48 hours he had nothing to show for it other than the odd ‘bleep’, nothing seemed to do the trick for him. This all changed for him on Wednesday afternoon when in the space of just over an hour he landed three Carp. The biggest of which was this stunning classic looking Mirror of 25lb below.He also caught this stunning Linear Mirror of 13-08. This Carp was stocked in November and looks like she is doing well.

We do not have any guests currently booked onto Cherry Lake next weekend (11-14 March). This is disappointing, particularly given that big Carp often switch on at this time of the year. So to try again and can encourage some of you to visit, we are reducing the price from £495 to £345 as a one off special. Give us a call on 01285 869887

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