Mick Jones. 31-05 L edit 2

Tough going as we wait for Spring to arrive.

First time visitor Mike Jones lands a brace of 30lb+ Commons from Heron Lodge
Monday 10 April 2023

Firstly, as I write it is Easter Monday, and I hope you all have had a good Easter break.

We are busy as normal for the time of the year. Fishing over the last week or so has continued to be on average a little slower than I would have hoped for the first week in April. A combination of high pressure, three nights of frosts, and a cold wind is rarely good for catching, and so it has proved to be.

I sneaked off for some fishing of my own last week, and also suffered some really cold nights and northerly winds. Somewhat stupidly I was in a bivvy and reminded myself why I no longer night fish in bivvies during the winter. You see to keep warm I was laying down on the bed chair by 19.00 and stayed that way until 08.00 the following morning. By which time my back was so stiff I could barely stand up! Just as well I only got one early morning run!

I did lay there wondering why I was not sitting in some lovely warm Lodge not far from home!!

We have a few remaining vacancies over the next few weeks which I have listed here. Please call or contact me on info@cherrylakes.co.uk if you are interested

14-17 and 17-21 April. Heron Lodge on Cherry Lake

17-21 April Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool.

21-24 April. Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake

28-01 May. Cherry Lake Cottage

08-12 and 12-15 May. Cherry Lake Cottage

Mick Jones. 31-04 R edit 1
Mike Jones with the biggest of his 5 Carp. A 31-12 Common from Heron Lodge

Top rod last week in difficult conditions was Mike Jones, who stayed in Heron Lodge for his first visit to the fishery. He landed a brace of 30lb+ Commons in a catch of 5 Carp. The Common in the lead photo is one which I know as 'Beady Eye' at 31-05, and it is the first time out this year for this fish. This brings our running total of different 30's from Cherry Lake to 20 for 2023.

Mike's biggest Common, immediately above, was this night caught Common of 31-12. Small tipped pop-ups doing the trick for Mike.

The biggest Carp of the weekend was caught by Ashley Harris who followed Mike into Heron Lodge. His 34-08 Common was landed at 02.30 on Sunday. Unfortunately Ashely's photography self-take skills are not as good as Mike's, and hence it does not appear here.

Keely with a 21-06 Cherry Mere Common
Keely with a 21-06 Cherry Mere Common

Fishing couple Darren and Keely Greenhalgh returned to Cherry Lakes for the Easter break and this time chose to stay in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. They landed 7 Carp between them, which given the conditions seemed to be a good return. They both managed Carp to over 20lb, with Darren's best being 23lb, whilst Keely had a cracking Common of 21-06 pictured above.

With the weather clearly on the change, we currently have a big south westerly wind blowing and the air pressure dropping, I am hoping this week's catch results will improve and be more typical of April. Time will tell!

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