Trevor Henshaw’s 34-07 Mirror is the best of the week.

Friday 1 May 2015

A good week across Cherry Lakes despite having several Lodges empty.

The pride of place goes to Trevor Henshaw who was fishing in Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake with his good friend and fishing buddy Ian Langley. Between them they landed 4 Carp (all above 20lb+), with the biggest going 34-07. This is the second thirty out this year and Trevor becomes the newest member of the Cherry Lakes 30+ club. Trevor’s Carp came to a bright pink pop up.

We are very excited because this particularly fish is a new thirty for Cherry Lakes. This lady is the the 15th different Carp above 30lb caught from Cherry Lake over the last few years. Amazingly this Carp was weighed at 17lb in November 2012 and has doubled in size in less than three years. Just like several of the other Carp caught recently this fish is heavy because it is obviously in good condition and has been feeding hard. She is also carrying spawn as you would expect for the time of year.

I will confess to have been getting quite desperate to see another thirty on the bank this year. Given we know there are around 15 Carp above this 30+ weight, with two or three which could go 40lb+ at this time of the year, with only one so far this year to date I have been disappointed not to have seen more of them in anglers landing nets. The low level of angling pressure, exaggerated by the Cottage being out of action until mid May, I think gives them too many places to hide from lines. Now that one has come out we have our fingers crossed for the next four to six weeks.

John Foy visited Cherry Lakes for the first time this week and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Although not as mobile as he once was, he is clearly a good Carp Angler and managed to convert all of his five chances into Carp on the bank. John caught 4 Carp over 20lb+ including this 24-07 Mirror pictured below.

Graham Baker had a great few days in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere landing 10 Carp including three Carp over 20lb to 21-07. If I get some pictures I will post them.

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