Trout lands 9 Carp from Grebe Lodge!

Friday 31 July 2015

A slow week across all the lakes this week which has got me scratching my head a little! I can only put it down to the sharp drop in temperatures this week, particularly Monday and Tuesday and overnight since then.

The temperature on Cherry Lake was only 63F which is about 7F down on last week. Indeed Cherry Lake was ‘steaming’ when I walked around at 05.30 this morning. ‘Steaming’ is itself a sign of the water cooling and happens when the water is 10C higher in temperature than the surrounding air. (Apologies for mixing Fahrenheit and Centigrade!)

Mark Trout fishing in Grebe Lodge however was the big exception, and perhaps highlights how a good angler can get the best out of his swim. He caught nine Carp, including six twenties to 26-08. Mark did kindly pass me a memory stick of his captures, which included some fabulous Mirrors, but unfortunately I could not open them on my computer….technical skills are not my greatest strength!  Fishery Manager Dave Bowen, did  take this photo below of  Mark, along with with his wife Nadine on our camera, holding a 22-08 Mirror.

Josh Moorcroft fishing in Osprey managed three Carp out of 5 takes including a new PB, a Mirror of 25lb.

This fishing did slow up, compared to the weekend, for 13 year old  Joe O’Hara staying in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere with his parents. He finished his week with 9 double figure Carp including a new PB of 19lb. He was very pleased with this cracking 18-08 Mirror below.

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