‘Twitchy bum time’: New Lodges open in under three weeks

Sunday 1 March 2015

We are approaching that time once famously described by Sir Alex Ferguson as ‘twitchy bum time’. We are now less than three weeks away from opening the new Pochard and Egret Lodges.

The Lodges are built but there are an awful lot of finishing touches needed let along treating the inside of the Lodges before completing the fittings. I am sure we will get there but it will be stressful!

We are delighted with both of the new Lodges and in particular Pochard, the new larger Lodge with it’s extra living area and two double bedrooms. It also has a much bigger upper deck and sun bathing area to the side. Whilst not finished the attached photos give you a good feel for the new Lodge.

The fish are also raring to go. The water is coloured on all three of the smaller lakes with the Carp clearly feeding. The light intensity probably being more than the small uplift in water temperature being the trigger to get them going. I am expecting some early bumper catches from Cherry Pool and Cherry mere as they start to get fished properly for the first time in ages.

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