Two 30+ Carp as the big Carp start to feed.

Sunday 8 April 2018

This update is all about Cherry Lake. We have seen much more signs of fish moving and feeding but so far over the last week things have been frustratingly slow. It seems that it is the bigger Carp which are on the feed. Hard on the heels of Kieran Setchell’s 32-00 Common last week, we have news of two more thirties this weekend.

Dan Warden has been on his first visit to Cherry Lakes this weekend having traveled up from Cornwall. Dan has been staying in Osprey Lodge and having thought about his options decided to concentrate on the middle of the lake.

Saturday was a frustrating day for Dan as he saw quite a few Carp showing over his baits (which was the same for the other anglers) but was unable to get a pick up. After a chat he decided to switch to pink pop-ups (which often work in Cherry Lake at this time of the year). During Saturday night he had a drop-back which he hit to contact with his first Carp which unfortunately soon slipped the hook.

Sunday started the same as the previous day with Carp showing around the lake and in particular over the middle part of the lake. This time however at 06.30 he got a good take on a pink pop-up and after a steady fight landed his first Cherry Lake Carp. And what a first fish to have. This stunning Ghost Common of 31-04 is a new thirty for Cherry Lake and is several pounds up in weight, which also hope augers well for the other bigger Carp. This beautiful fish is Dan’s new PB and first thirty. Not many people can say that their first thirty is a Ghost Common!

Dan joins the Cherry Lakes 30+ club and is the proud owner of a new 30+ Polo shirt. He is also automatically entered into the free prize draw  which is open to everyone who catches a 30lb+ Carp from Cherry Lakes before September. Who knows but if he is lucky enough to win the prize of a holiday at Cherry Lake he might catch another one!

Tim Barber who is fishing from the Cottage swim has also entered the free holiday prize draw and joined the 30+ club when he caught this magnificent 34-04 Mirror below. I will confess that when I first saw this fish in the retainer I thought it was well over 35lb+. It has real length and girth but not too much depth. I think it is a female fish, but cannot be sure, and given it’s length one day when it really gets on the feed it could go well over 40lb. Tim also caught his Carp on a pink pop-up close to the nearside margin. This particular fish was caught by Danny Rawlinson last April at 33-00 so it is up a little in weight.

Well done to both Tim an Dan. Top angling.

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