Jamie Vowles 32-08 Ghost Mirror

Two 30's to first time guests

Cherry Lake turns on in the sun
Thursday 16 May 2019

Hard on the heels of Geoff Farrand's 30-02 Mirror from Cherry Mere , I have news of two 30lb+ Carp from Cherry Lake. The warm weather this week, despite the high pressure, has encouraged the Carp to start picking up boilies and pop-ups. So far this week (Thursday morning) the anglers in the three Lodges have shared 11 Carp with several more lost.

Regular guests John Foy and grandson Richard in Grebe Lodge have landed 3 nice twenties including a Fully Scaled Mirror of 25-08. They were disappointed to have lost a very big carp close to the net. If they had, I might have been able to report the capture of 30lb+ Carp from each of the Lodges in the same booking session. They still have time to do so!

Jamie Vowles with his 32-08 Ghost Mirror from Heron Lodge
Jamie Vowles with his 32-08 Ghost Mirror carp fom Heron Lodge

The first Cherry Lake thirty of the week was landed by first time guest Jamie Vowles staying in Heron Lodge. Jamie has caught most of his four Carp to date from long range using a bait boat and fishing with fish meal boilies. His 32-08 Ghost Mirror looked absolutely stunning in the sunshine as I hope the photos above show. This particular Ghostie has not been caught as far as I can tell since last caught in July 2018 to Gary Owen at 30-04. This beautiful fish is clearly doing well and growing nicely.

At the other end of the spectrum, Jamie also caught a 17-08 Common. We were equally delighted to see this lovely fish as it is one of our home grown Cherry Lakes Carp.

JV 17-08.JPG
Jamie Vowles with one of our babies-a 17-08 home grown Common

Thomas 'Tommo' Etchell has been staying in Osprey Lodge this week with his partner and young baby, also on his first visit to Cherry Lake. Up until last night, Tommo had landed three Carp to 26lb. I had told him that if he caught a 30lb+ Carp to call me at any time, so I was pleased when the phone went at 23.30.

As you can see, Tommo landed an impressive Common of 32-08 from the top of the gravel bar which creates the shallows. I have had a good look back through my pictures of 30lb+ Commons for the last few years and cannot see this in my back catalogue. I think it is a new thirty for us, but as the photography given it is a night shot is not as clear as I would like I cannot be 100% sure.

By catching these thirties, Jamie becomes the 118th and Tommo the 119th members of the Cherry Lakes 30+ club. We have now had 8 different 30's to 38lb caught from Cherry Lake this year, plus one each from Cherry Springs and Cherry Mere. There are lots more to come!

Thomas 'Tommo' Etchell with his 32-08 Common from Osprey Lodge
Thomas 'Tommo' Etchell with his 32-08 Common from Osprey Lodge

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