Two more 30lb+ Carp from Cherry Lake

Thursday 14 June 2018

Peter Jones and his wife Angela come and stay at Cherry Lakes at least once a year. This year they decided to spend their summer holiday with us as they celebrated their 25th anniversary. We always feel touched when our guests choose to spend special events with us (anniversaries, birthdays and honeymoons), and thank you for doing so.

Many of you will know Peter from his day job as the manager of the Tackle Box in Dartford. If you do, I hope you will be pleased to hear that Peter is just finishing a really good session in Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake. Unusually because so few anglers choose to bait heavily these days, Peter decided to bait heavily throughout his stay. He estimates he has got through some 40KG of pellets as well as around 20KG of fishmeal boilies.

These tactics have worked well for Peter, despite being out most days visiting some of the many things the Cotswolds have to offer. During the course of his stay Peter has landed some 15 Carp and only lost a few. I am delighted to say that amongst his haul has been some fabulous Carp including a 28lb Ghost Mirror and a 31-08 Ghost Common. In catching his first thirty from Cherry Lake, Peter has become the 93rd member of the Cherry Lake 30+ club. Well done Peter, top angling! Peter’s Ghost Common was last out when caught by Dan Walden in early April at a similar weight.

I am also delighted to report that James Tunbridge in Osprey Lodge has kept spinning his magic and has landed the second thirty of his visit this week. As detailed in my last post, James has been having a fabulous session landing three Carp including a Mirror of 32-09 which beat his previous English PB. Last night I got a call from James at 02.30 to say that he had landed a further thirty, this time a Common of 31-01. Needless to say that James was over the moon with catching a 30+ Common. She was certainly worth getting out of bed for!

As you might be able to see from the photo, the Common had a few scuff marks from her recent spawning exploits. She was also nearly 4lb down in weight from when she was caught by James Hine in early May at 34-12. Clearly some of the bigger Carp have successfully spawned. No wonder she has gone back on the feed!

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