Nick Teague

Two more new members of the Cherry Lake 30+ club

Running total of 30+ club members is now 165!
Saturday 22 February 2020

I am pleased to report that Cherry Lake keeps producing. I would hate to give the impression that the fishing is easy, as it rarely is on Cherry Lake, but the Carp are most definitely catchable. With the water temperature around 9C (amazing for mid-February), the Carp are clearly active. Just like the vegetation and the Frogs which think it is more like mid-March and behaving as if Spring has already arrived.

Two anglers have joined the 30+ club this week. Clive Bashford joined as the 164th member on Wednesday when he landed a 30-02 Mirror, and was followed earlier today by Nick Teague with a 34-04 Common

Nick Teague with his new PB. A 34-04 from the  Cherry Lake Cottage swim
Nick Teague smashed hid PB when he landed this 34-04 Common from the Cherry Lake Cottage swim

Nick Teague became the 165th member when he landed a 34-04 Common. Nick had only been fishing for two hours when this lovely Common picked up his Pineapple wafter fished over a small PVA of chopped and whole boilies just off the house platform.

Nick commented on how well the Carp fought and what lovely condition it was in. This Carp beat Nick's previous best by some 3lb. Little wonder he was still smiling like a 'Cheshire Cat' hours later!

This Common was obviously carrying a fair amount of spawn and looked more like you would expect a female Carp to be in April. I am not sure if this Carp is just developing her eggs earlier than normal given the Spring like conditions, or whether the 'spawn' is a carry over from 2019? Either way the Carp went 34-04 on my scales.

Well done Nick on your new PB.

Clive Bashford with a 30-02 Mirror from Heron Lodge
Clive Bashford with a 30-02 Mirror from Heron Lodge

Clive Bashford landed three Carp during his week long stay in Heron Lodge with his wife Margaret. The biggest of these came on Wednesday night when he caught this 30-02 Mirror above.

Clive called me around 21-00 to say he thought he had a thirty in the net and would I mind coming around as Margaret is unable to take any photos. I was very pleased to do so. I have however apologised to Clive for the poor photography (I should have had the proper glasses on). My only excuse was that his rods were in the way!

Clive cast to a plateau on the left hand side of the swim at around 70 yards and landed all three Carp from this spot. Small Krill wafters over PVA sticks of crushed boilies did the trick for Clive.

I do have some better close ups of this Carp which I am pleased to report is a new thirty for us and are now filed away in my 2020 catalogue of 30lb+ Carp.

Well done Clive

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