Two thirties in a week and 4 more PB’s!

Friday 26 August 2016

Cherry Lake really did kick into action this week as some of the bigger Carp clearly got their heads down for a feed. The weekend’s rain must have given them their ‘autumnal feeding hurry-up’ because they chose to forget this week’s heat. We have had an amazing 3 PB’s this week on Cherry Lake including  three of the four anglers in Osprey and Grebe Lodges. Among the 26 Carp caught, seven were upper twenties plus a further two thirty plus Mirrors. Hence we have two more new members of the Cherry Lakes 30lb+ club.

Steve Williams booked himself and three friends into Osprey and Grebe Lodges. Steve got lucky in that he picked Grebe Lodge and shared fifteen Carp with his fishing buddy including three Carp of 26lb+, along with a 31-12 Mirror. Both of the anglers in Osprey both caught sharing three Carp, including two of 25lb+. Steve’s big fish is stunning and I have my fingers crossed that he will send me more photos. This beautiful Linear Mirror is a new thirty for Cherry Lakes and we are delighted about it.

Steve Gillett fishing in the Cottage swim had several real beauties including this pristine looking Mirror of 31-04. This Carp was last out in February and is clearly doing well. Steve was on his return visit having been one of our first guests in 2013. As you can see from the photo below he was pleased to have returned!

Graham Barker in Heron only managed one (they seemed to swim straight past heron’s water), but he was very p[leased with this 27-02 Mirror also pictured below.

All of the other lakes also produced with 20lb+ Carp reported from both Cherry Mere and Cherry Springs. One of our regular guests, Malcolm Williams, who has already booked to come back two more times in 2017, did particularly well. He has landed over 35 Carp, mainly doubles to 16-08 from Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool.

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