Wet and Wild fun at Cherry Lakes!

Sunday 29 November 2015

A very wet and very wild weekend at Cherry Lakes. In fact the wind was so strong fishing was very difficult on Cherry Lake for much of Sunday with rods often being blown off the rod pods!. This was a real shame for Lee Hodgkinson fishing in Heron Lodge because up to Saturday evening he had landed three and lost one all in daylight hours. In fact his first Carp came at 14.30 on Friday afternoon from his first cast!

Lee, who was on his second visit of the year to Cherry Lake,  caught all of his fish on small pink dumbells from both the margins and the central plateau at about 60 meters. Two of the fish gave typical full on runs but the other two simply pulled the bobbin up tight. This is typical of the Cherry Lake fish in winter, and I always say to all of our winter guests to strike at any tightening. If a bobbin goes up and down quickly then it is probably a ‘line bite’, but any tightening with the bobbin not falling back should be struck at.

Lee’s three Carp were all in great condition as you can see from the photos below. His largest was a Common of 23-08, which was followed by a Fully Scaled Mirror of 20lb and a cracking 15-04 Ghost Common. A very nice set!

The Cherry Lake Carp respond well to the wet and wild conditions of the last few days, and in particular in winter. Last weekend was very cold with two heavy frosts and a biting north wind which acted to cool the water quickly. Indeed last weekend the water temperature was down by nearly 5 degrees to 6.5C. As you would expect the one angler on Cherry Lake last week struggled. But the warm southerlies and rain of the last few days has increased the water temperature back to over 8.5C and the Carp have responded accordingly.

It is a real shame that we do not have any anglers on Cherry Lake this week. This rather than the conditions will mean no update unless of course Dave and/or I get our rods out!

The anglers on Cherry Mere, with a 21-08 and 18-04 Mirror (sorry no photos) and on Cherry Pool (4 Carp including an 18lb Common and two 13lb+ Mirrors) also did well and enjoyed themselves.

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