Simon Littmoden 38-04

Winter has returned

We did get hit by the storms......I spoke too soon!
Saturday 5 March 2022

It has been slow here over the last week and it very much feels like winter has returned (assuming it left during all the gales), with only one Carp to report from Cherry Lake.

At 38-04 this Carp is however well worth reporting. Our good friend and good angler Simon Littmoden popped in for a few days and even he struggled until he landed this cracker. Unfortunately I missed it in the flesh, but both Simon and Dave said the Carp was very clean and in fantastic condition and looked like it had plenty of room for future growth. This particular Carp was last caught in September by Vince Jewitt at 35-08, so it is nicely up in weight. By my reckoning this is Simon's fourth thirty pound plus Carp from Cherry Lake and his biggest to date. Well done Simon

Simon 38-04 L.JPG
Simon Littmoden with a Mirror Carp of 38-04 from Heron Lodge

James Elliot and Chris Marshall have started well this weekend in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere with a 25lb Mirror to James and a 30lb Mirror to Chris.

I rather stupidly tempted fate in my last update saying that we had not suffered any real damage from the recent run of storms. Me and my big mouth! Whilst doing our rounds it became obvious to Dave and I, that we had an unsafe tree on the banks of Cherry Springs near Heron Lodge. As always when we think something is unsafe, then it is best to remove the tree as soon as possible. With Spring approaching fast it is also a good idea to get any tree work finished so not to disturb nesting birds.

We knew that the ground would get damaged by the team of tree surgeons..........but oh dear we did not expect it to be this bad. As you can imagine I almost cried when I saw it, see picture below. We now have to get a JCB in to level the land (more expense and mess). Fortunately within a month or so we can get the grass seed down and by the summer it might even look as good as new.

What a mess. My tears added to the wet conditions!

We have another couple of cancellations for the exclusive lakes, which were showing until recently as being sold out. I feel particularly bad for regular guests who want to book Pocahrd or Kingfisher Lodge and could not because we are full. Hence I am detailing below the recent cancellations. Please contact me on or 01285 869887 if you want one of these or simply to book.

Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool. 15-18 April (Easter!) and 25-29 April

Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. 25-29 April

Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. 09-13 May

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