Wow….some amazing fish

Sunday 10 September 2017

We have just returned from a quick week away in the Algarve with our ‘children’. I should actually say ‘our adults’ as they are 28 & 26!  We had a lovely time, but boy did I miss some good fish and some great catches whilst we have been away.

It is difficult to know how to report these as there are at least three different stories here, so I will cover them over two.

Last week was obviously a good one to be on Cherry Lake. Phil Pohl in Heron Lodge managed 15 Carp (see next story), whilst Clive Adams and Peter Rolls in the Cottage managed a further 10. In total last week, we had some 30 Carp caught of which two were just over 34lb. We had an unbelievable 21 different Carp out over 20lb, of which 9 were upper twenties. Of the remaining 7 Carp the majority of these were around 19lb.

So far this year we have 13 different Carp over 30lb which have been properly photographed and weighed. We have also had several other Carp caught and reported over 30lb, but the photo’s have been poor and we have not been able to identify the fish. This of course is a particular problem with the Common’s.  Just before I went away I was sitting in our ‘Reception’ with fishery manager Dave Bowen reviewing the photos of this year’s 30′s. Dave pointed out that as well as several of our bigger Common’s, he also said that we have not seen ‘The Pretty One’ yet this year. A long preamble……but ‘The Pretty One’ has just come out! The 14th different Cherry Lake 30lb+ Carp of 2017.

Peter Rolls, who has been visiting Cherry Lakes for the first time this week and fishing with son-in-law Clive Adams, was the successful angler fishing from the Cottage swim. ‘The Pretty One’ at 34-04 is a new PB for Peter as well as his ‘pass’ into the Cherry Lakes 30+ club. Both Clive and Peter said this Carp was absolutely stunning and the photos did not do her justice. They immediately understood why she is called ‘The Pretty One’. This particular Carp, which is one of a few special fish which we name, has not been caught this year and as far as we can tell has not been landed since May 2016 when she weighed 32lb. Another example of how a Carp can disappear for a long time without being seen.

Peter and Clive have shared 10 Carp during their stay. As well as landing the 34-04, they landed 7 Carp over 20lb including 3 over 25lb. Nedless to say they are promising to return!

Terry Thacker and his wife Susan have just returned to spend a week in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs and went away as usual very pleased with their holiday and catch results. Terry landed 24 Carp including 3 over 20lb to 23-06. Well done Terry and see you both next year.

Jason Cousins was staying in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool  for the first time as part of his surprise 30th birthday trip (assuming my memory is not playing tricks on me!). He had a fabulous time, catching a large number of Carp, Bream and Roach as well as an absolutely fantastic and accurately weighed Crucian Carp of 4-01. This is the biggest Crucian Carp which we have had landed from Cherry Pool and sets the new lake record. What a fish and well done Jason.

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