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Bait and Bait Deals


Digestible Toppers are available in all four boilie varieties.

All of our range of frozen boilies are made from high quality ingredients and are proven fish catchers over the long term. Please note that we do not allow shelf life boilies. You are of course allowed to bring your own frozen boilies.

We normally feed two bird-food based boilies throughout the year as these are highly digestible and catch throughout the year. These are are very successful Bio- Dairy Cream and Bio-Fruit boilies.

Through the warmer months we switch to mainly feeding our fish-meal based baits. The Cherry Lake Carp love fish meal boilies. We have a choice of two proven fish-meals, the first is our new spicy fish bait called 'Bio-Spice' which produced very well after it was introduced last year. Fishery manager Dave thinks this has a 'spicy sausage' smell. We will be introducing several new fishmeal boilies in 2022.....watch this space! We are very confident these are both long term baits which will help keep the Carp healthy.

We sell the frozen 16mm Cherry Lake Boilies in the following sizes and prices

  • 1KG bag - £20
  • 2.5KG bag - £40
  • 5KG bags - £65

We also sell pots of matching flavour pop-ups and Wafters with a mix of colours. Priced at £10 per pot.

New for 20211. We are also offering matching multi-coloured tubs of Toppers (Pink, Yellow and White) with booster flavour bottles for £10 per pot.

These digestible/bio-degradable are ideal alternatives to plastic corn which are banned.

Spod/Baitboat Mix

Spod Mix 2

We have been feeding our Spod/Baitboat mix since 2012. The fish love it and along with the boilies and carp pellets we feed, it ensures the Carp have a good balanced diet. This feeding programme coupled with anglers feed, has ensured the Cherry Lake fish in all four of our lakes are healthy, growing and in good condition.

For the 2020 season we will be significantly increasing the proportion of Hempseed in the Spod Mix. We have decided to drop Wheat and are looking to replace this more rolled barley or something similar. This should improve the nutritional value of the Spod Mix and make it even more attractive to our fish.

In conjunction with many other fisheries anglers are not allowed to use particles other than supplied by ourselves. This includes shop bought particles in tins and plastic bottles. Sweetcorn is the only exception to this. All nuts are banned.

Our Spod/Baitboat mix is comprised of the following. Hempseed, Maples, Rolled Barley, Pigeon Conditioner and flaked Maize. It is available for the period April to November in 12KG returnable buckets. Priced at £40 per 12KG bucket. Second 12KG bucket is £25


Lee Smith with a Common of 38-03. His new PB

Hempseed is the only particle which we supply individually. Anglers just like Carp love it! We source high quality large Hempseed which we prepare and cook onsite. If you want to use Hempseed you need to order it from us as we do not allow Hempseed from outside to be used at Cherry Lakes as we cannot be sure of its quality.

Hempseed is supplied in its natural cooked form or can be Chilli, Curry or Garlic flavoured. It is available in returnable buckets of 6kg (£30) or 12kg (£50).

Carp Pellets

Dave with a 32-02 Cherry Mere Mirror

We feed a mix of low oil (light colour) and normal (dark colour) Carp Pellets. These pellets provide Carp with a highly nutritious and balanced food source. Given these Carp pellets are highly digestible and breakdown easily in water, then I would say it is almost impossible to overfeed with them during the warmer months.

The great thing about pellets is that whilst they do breakdown in the water, their smell and taste lingers and encourages, which encourages the fish to keep returning to the area. Pellets mixed with our Spod/Bait boat mix is an excellent feeding combination.

You are allowed to bring your own pellets if you prefer. You can however be sure the fish like and regularly feed on our pellets..

Our pellets are sold in returnable buckets of 4.5kg and 9kg and are mixed both in terms of sizes (4,5mm, 6mm and 10mm) and colour (light and dark).

The 4.5kg bucket is priced at £30. The 9kg bucket is better value at £45.

The Full Package

Mike Houghton joined the 30+ club with this 30-04 Ghost Mirror from the Cottage swim

The cheapest way to buy all the bait you need for your visit is by ordering a 5kg bait deal for £130 (price of individual items £145).

This comprises of:

  • 5kg of Boilies (flavour of your choice from Dairy-cream, Bio-Fruit, Fish Supreme and Bio-Krill)
  • 1 tub of matching flavour mix colour Pop-ups or Wafters or Toppers with booster
  • 1 x 12KG bucket of Spod/Bait boat Mix
  • 1 x 4.5kKG bucket of mixed Pellets

Like our offer offers, this is also available to order during your stay.

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