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Fishing Tactics

Cherry Lake

The main Cherry Lake is best approached with some thought as it is not an easy water. Treat it, and it’s Carp, with respect and you should do well. If in doubt ask Dave or Mike for some advice and they will be very pleased to do all they can to help.

None of our lakes are pressurised and as a result the Carp are aware of bank side noise and excessive amounts of casting. The Carp can be quick to move to quieter areas, so never be afraid to give these areas a go. This includes the banks along either side of the Lodges which are frequently over-looked.

To date heavy and regular use of spods have been counter- productive. This has not been the case where anglers have in the right conditions baited quite heavily by firing out a good bed of boilies. Indeed when the carp are ‘having it’ the fish respond well to heavy and regular feeding.

Generally anglers under feed on Cherry Lake. 300+ large Carp can get through a lot of bait once they start feeding. If you feel conditions are right it is worth baiting heavily in at least one area of your swim and keep the bait going in during your stay. It also often pays ‘to rest’ these baited areas for a while to give the Carp a chance to get on them.

In other areas of your swim, until you get a feel for where the Carp are moving and whether they are finicky or feeding well, a light bed of boilies coupled with the use of PVA bags is probably the best place to start. Choose your feature, mark it up, and be patient is probably the best advice.

We also recommend anglers fish with slack lines and/or back leads. Back leads are particularly helpful if two of you are sharing a swim as there is nothing worse than a fish being lost because it had wiped out one or more of the other rods.

Bait boats are allowed. If you choose to use a bait boat please ensure you keep within your water.

If you are using a bait boat (although this also applies equally to those more conventionally casting) it is a good idea to have a t least one rod permanently on one feature. By constantly baiting the one area, particularly if using Carp Pellet and crushed Cherry Lake boilies, you should be able to build a spot up and get the Carp regularly visiting it. You can use your other rod(s) to chase the fish.

We would suggest you do not ignore the near margin ledges or drop offs, or the deep channel which runs c 15-20 meters in front of the Lodge bank. It is probably a good idea to regularly trickle baits into these areas and drop a rig in close when you see signs of a feeding fish. A rod close in, is often the rod which produces during the night.

Cherry Springs

Cherry Pool is intensively stocked and on most days a good few Carp should be caught.

PVA bags and The Method work well, particularly if you consistently cast to the same areas. Stringers or fishing over scattered beds of bait should also produce. Just give them some time to find your bait!

The margins on Cherry Spring are probably the main feature, being heavily tree lined and deep they are very interesting to the Carp. The Carp regularly visit and feed along the margins, sometimes literally under your feet. Why not take advantage of this and float fish close in?

For Anglers in Kingfisher Lodge, we would definitely recommend baiting several margin spots, along your exclusive bank, several times a day and fish these spots on an alternative basis until the Carp get their heads down.

Cherry Springs is an excellent winter water due to the high stock levels. Critically balanced baits and pop-ups are generally advisable due to the latest ‘injection’ of bankside leaves in the autumn.

In the Autumn and Winter as the water cools, we will relax the 15lb line minimum for Kingfisher Lodge guests who want to try for the specimen Perch which inhabit Cherry Pool. Talk to Dave or Mike if you want to give the Perch a go.

Cherry Mere

Similar to Cherry Springs the dominant feature on this lake is the steep sided margins, much of which is either tree lined or the banks are ‘out of bounds’.

We are feeding the Carp in this lake on larger than normal boilies (24mm) to ensure these are not eaten first by the smaller Carp that are in the lake. Given this please do not be scared of big hook baits and feeding with large boilies.

Cherry Pool

Cherry Pool is a fabulous mixed fishery. Whilst the bigger Carp should be targeted using normal Carp tactics and tackle, the smaller fish including Roach, Crucian Carp, Tench and Bream are often caught whilst float fishing just two rod lengths out. Baiting heavily and consistently with pellet throughout your stay almost always brings success.

Cherry Lakes is the perfect short break and holiday fishing venue. Click below to contact us and book your holiday.
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