Malcolm Williams  20lb Koi Carp from Cherry Pool

Cherry Pool

Cherry Pool is an amazing lake. At under an acre it is the smallest and the deepest of the lakes across Cherry Lakes complex with depths going down to some 17 feet. It has been developed as a mixed fishery which contains some great fish and real specimens. It has an amazing number of fish and is heavily stocked. It has much to offer every type of coarse angler from fantastic Roach and Rudd to 3lb; Crucian Carp and Perch to 4lb; Bream to 8lb as well as Carp to mid 20's. It also has a good stock of Ghost Carp including some Koi Carp. In short you never really know what will take your bait next.

From 2023 Cherry Pool will be developed and marketed as a specialist Carp lake. This is due to the year round popularity and high demand for our exclusive existing Carp lakes (Cherry Mere and Cherry Springs). We will be taking actions from the autumn of 2022 to remove as many of the Bream and Roach as possible and stock Cherry pool with over 50 additional double figure, 20 additional twenties, and several Carp in excess of 30lb+. We anticipate leaving the Tench and Crucian Carp in the lake, which along with the remaining Roach and Perch, will still give those anglers who also like to float fish plenty to 'go at'. From 2023 we will be describing this lake as a Carp lake rather than a mixed fishery as we have done in the past.

Malcolm Williams a 20lb Koi Carp from Cherrry Pool making a rare visit to the bank.
Malcolm Williams with a stunning Cherry Pool Koi Carp of 20lb

Cherry Pool is available exclusively to anglers who have booked Egret Lodge. The large artificial grass fishing platform which is situated less than 8 feet from the entrance to the Lodge is ideally positioned to allow guests to fish all areas of the lake. It also neatly divides the lake into two. So if there are two of you fishing there is no need to argue! The fishing platform is very comfortable and clean to fish from.

The surrounds of Cherry Pool contain a wonderful array of plants, Norfolk Reeds and Yellow Flagged Irises, as well as a wide variety of trees from Willows and Alders to Yews and Wellingtonia. All of which are a pleasure on the eye.

Gavin Kennedy 3-08 Cherry Pool Crucian
Gavin Kennedy with a 3-08 Cherry Pool Crucian Carp

.Cherry Pool is heavily stocked with Carp. The majority of these Carp are currently between 8-20lb. The sheer number of fish currently within Cherry Pool prevents the Carp from growing to the sizes in the other lakes. However with the removal of the Bream and many of the Roach from the autumn of 2022 and the application of increased levels of feed we expect both the existing Carp population and the newly introduced Carp to progressively put on weight from 2023. The aim is to ensure from 2023 that there are at least 25+ Carp over 20lb with several over the magic 30lb mark. There are currently a small number of Carp over 20lb, most of which are Commons. The current lake record stands at 28lb which was caught in 2014. Amazingly the lake contains several very large Koi Carp to around 20lb.

Given the stock and competition amongst the fish in the lake, plus the depth, Cherry Pool is our easiest lake fishing wise and the most consistently productive in the winter.

Big catches of Carp and Bream are regularly reported by our guests. The record for one weekend is over 55 Carp along with a similar number of Bream! The heavier you feed pellets, boilies and spod mix the more you will catch! Bait and Bait Deals

Andrew Wells 20lb Common Cherry Pool
Andrew Wells with a Cherry Pool 20lb+ Common Carp

Cherry Pool responds well to all fishing methods. Float and pole fishing can be undertaken straight off the front of the fishing deck. The water is 6 foot deep one rod length out and closer to 12 feet just two rod lengths out. Past anglers tell me the depth is important. Sometimes the Crucian Carp will be the only fish feeding at depths of 8 feet. Yet at depths of 10 feet all they can catch is Bream or Roach etc.

Feeder and method fishing can turn up just about anything and can be real fun. Carp fishing traditional style tends to be most productive by targeting the margins around the lake with depths of 4-8 feet normally being the best.

If you are Carp fishing the minimum line strength is 15lb. If however you are targeting other species lighter lines are permitted. At all times hooks are to be barbless and fish safety is paramount.

As well as the normal Carp Cradle, Weigh Sling and 42″ Carp Landing net, we also provide a 20″ pan telescopic Landing net for those anglers targeting the Bream, Roach and Perch. So no need to bring any nets or unhooking mats. As most of your fishing is likely to be from the Lodge platform you will need your rod pod.

Fish care and safety is paramount across Cherry Lakes. An approach welcomed by all good anglers who want to catch high quality good conditioned Carp. All anglers are expected to follow any advice or requests from the fishery management concerning fish safety.

Cherry Pool guests are uniquely able to park their cars in the area behind the Lodge. A real advantage if you are bringing lots of tackle! Other guests using the Cherry Lake Lodges have to return their cars to the car park after unloading.

Cherry Pool Carp sunbathing.JPG
Some of the Cherry Pool Carp sunbathing
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