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We are extremely proud about the quality of the Carp as well as the condition of the fish across Cherry Lakes.

This is due to our stocking selection, on-going feeding programme to help them keep growing and repair quickly any damage from spawning etc, as well as our strict rules around fish handling and care.

We hope you agree when you review the photos below.

Each section shows some of the Carp and fish caught in each individual lake. Click on the image for more information.

Cherry Lake Carp

Neil with a 29-10 Fully Scaled Mirror. What a fish!
An impressive 35lb Mirror. the first of two in an afternoon from Osprey Lodge
Andy Watts was delighted with the new lake record when he caught Dick at 44-12
Charlie England 37lb
Charlie England with a stunning 38-02 Mirror. This was last caught in August 2018
Fishery Manager Dave with a stunning Ghost Mirror of 21-08
Daniel Ward 33-08 R.jpg
Tom Nixon-Taylor with his new Pb, 'The Patch' at 42-12
Alan French joined the 30+ club at the first time of asking with this 33lb Common.
Steven Smith with a stunning 29-10 Fully Scaled Mirror
Dan Williamson with a very attractive  28-08 Mirror Carp
Jack Gardiner 32-08
George with a home grown Ghost Common of 13-04. Stunning!
Dean Knott with a 31-06 Common. The biggest of his brace of thirties
George Kosmetos with his 32-04 near leather Mirror from Osprey Lodge
Jamie Knowles. 32-08 Common
Leighton Cockcroft with 'The Scruff' at 35-02 from Grebe Lodge
Roger Sparks. 32-04 Mirror from Heron Lodge caught during his May visit.
Lee Jackson with a 31-08 near Leather Carp from Grebe Lodge
Jason Booth with his 31-08 PB from Osprey Lodge
Stephen Martin 30-03
Mike Houghton with the fourth 30+ of his trip. A 31-04 Mirror
Mike Houghton. 37-08 Ghost Mirror from Cherry Lake Cottage
Stephen Martin with a 34-01 Mirror. A new 30+ for Cherry Lake and the 18th of the year to date!
Andy Watts. 32-08
Andy Watts. 32-04 Cherry Lake Common from Heron Lodge
David Lee with a 30-02 Cherry Lake Common heavy with spawn
Jamie Vowles 32-08 Ghost Mirror
Thomas 'Tommo' Etchell with his 32-08 Common from Osprey Lodge
Neil Ash with a 27-02 Mirror from Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake
Keith Perry with a 28-08 Mirror from Heron Lodge
Joe Baker with an immaculate 30-08 Cherry Lake Common
Ken O'Connor 31-00
Danny Taylor with a stunning new Cherry Lake 30, a 30-02 Mirror from Osprey Lodge
Danny Taylor with a dream start 38lb Common from Osprey Lodge
Gary Owen 35lb
Leon Sprague with a fantastic 32-13 Ghost Common from Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake.jpg
Paul Mitchell with the Cherry Lake record. A 44lb monster Mirror Carp called 'Dick'.
Steve Shepherd with the Cherry Lake record Ghost Carp of 37-12.
Lee Hodgkinson.  Common 38-08. Cherry Lake
Matthew Blinston with 'The Peach', a stunning Ghost Mirror Carp of 31-14.
Marc Lloyd 33-00 from the Cherry Lake Cottage swim.
Dan Walden. 31-04 Ghost Common. Cherry Lake
34-12 Common. James Hine. Cherry Lake
James Tunbridge 32-09.
Malcolm Dix  with a 39-02 Mirror carp from Grebe Lodge
Mike Harris with the big male Common known as 'The Patch' at 37-04
Neil Carey was delighted with this 33-08 Mirror on his first visit to Cherry Lake
Ken 31-00 Common. Cherry Lake
Sarah Riley 34-00 Ghost Mirror. Cherry Lake
Wayne Box 36-10 Mirror. Cherry Lake
Marc Lloyd 32-12 Common Cherry Lake
Chris-Hughes. 32-08 Mirror.Cherry Lake
Terry Lambert 31-08-Mirror. Cherry Lake.
Paul Sillence. 30-12 Common. Cherry Lake
John Brinkley with Derek Skingley's 36-00 Mirror. Cherry Lake
Ken O Connor 32-08 Mirror. Cherry Lake
Craig Salvin 30-04 Mirror. Cherry Lake
Jack Lyon 30lb Ghost Mirror. Cherry Lake
Chris Hughes 32-04. Ghost Mirror. Cherry Lake
Paul  Silence 30-02  Mirror. Cherry Lake
Steve Shepherd 31-04 Cherry Lake
Andrew Johns 31-05 Mirror. Cherry Lake
Howard Carter 26lb Cherry Lake Mirror
Andy Bolt 23-00
Gary Owen 35lb
Leon Sprague with an impressive Cherry Lake Mirror of 21lb

Cherry Springs Carp

Matthew Whitchcock with a 22-02 Cherry Springs Mirror
Matthew with a good looking Mirror of 19-14 from Kingfisher Lodge
Dean with the biggest of his trip A 28-12 Cherry Springs Mirror
Dean Knott with a stunning 25lb Mirror from Cherry Springs
Darren Rouse's birthday treat highlight was this 28lb Cherry Springs Mirror Carp.
Amy Emery with a 20lb Common from Cherry Springs
Michael Gould with his 30-02 Cherry Springs Mirror.jpg
Stephen Lawrence with a very impressive 25lb Mirror from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs.JPG
Stephen Lawrence with a 24-10 Mirror Carp. The first of an impressive brace of 20's from Kingfisher Lodge Cherry Springs.
Steve Keen with his new Cherry Springs Lake record, a 30-12
Neil Flack with a lovely 22lb Mirror from Cherry Springs.JPG
Paula Darlington
Gary Owen with his much deserved 'Snow-Carp', a 15lb Common from Cherry Springs..jpg
Michael Quinton Mirror Carp 26-02
Stephen Clark with the biggest of 26 Carp, a 21-04 Mirror from Cherry Springs..JPG
Bethany Orr with her new-PB a 25-02-Mirror
Richard with a stunning Cherry Springs Common of 20-06. the photo does not do this Carp full justice.
Richard Mascall with an attractive Mirror of 20-12 from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs
Alan Whitehead 26lb Cherry Springs

Cherry Mere Carp

Greg Bairstow with his new PB. A 26-02 Mirror from Cherry Mere
Oscar Taylor with his new PB, a 29-08 Mirror Carp from Cherry Mere
Dave/Geoff 30-02 Cherry Mere
Brian Hamilton 25lb
Wayne Hockley with the biggest of his birthday weekend. A 24-02 Mirror from Cherry Mere..jpg
Adam Bennet 18-08 Cherry Mere Snow Carp
Neil Rowe with a beautiful Mirror Carp from Cherry Mere
Wayne Hockley 19lb
Paul Jennings 20-12
Colin Howarth with his new PB. A 28lb Mirror from Cherry Mere.jpeg
Marc Campion 21-02
Leigh-Anne Campion delighted with her new PB. A delightful 16lb Mirror from Cherry Mere.jpg
Tony Oliver 22-00
Owner Mike with a stunning 20lb Mirror
Dan Greenland 23-10
Sam Osbourne 21-05 'Snow' Carp

Cherry Pool Fish

Malcolm Williams  20lb Koi Carp from Cherry Pool
Gavin Kennedy 3-08 Cherry Pool Crucian
Andrew Wells 20lb Common Cherry Pool
Andrew Wells with a Koi of 11lb from Cherry Pool..jpg
2-09 Roach from Cherry Pool.jpeg
Dawn Tunnicliffe 15lb+
Jason Cousins 4-01 Crucian Carp
Luke Williams 20-08 Common
Malcolm and Luke Williams
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