Terms & Conditions (for bookings before 25 March 2020)

Fishery Rules: A full set of the fishing and guest rules are available on this website, here. All guests and anglers are expected to strictly follow the rules and positively respond to requests and instructions from fishery management.. The person making the booking is additionally responsible for ensuring that all members of their party understand and agree to abide by the rules.

Payment: Debit card telephone payments or by Bank Transfer (BACS) are preferred. A 50% deposit at the time of booking secures your holiday. The balance needs to be paid a minimum of 6 weeks before your holiday.

Breakage deposit: Credit card details will be taken in lieu of a breakage deposit upon arrival. These details will be securely held and destroyed shortly after departure. In the event of damage or loss, we will contact you before any charges are applied.

Disclaimer Form: A disclaimer form will be given to all guests to read and sign on arrival. Both by booking as well as by signing all guests agree to abide by the rules and terms and conditions of Cherry Lakes. All visitors and guests visit Cherry Lakes strictly at their own risk. No liability for any accidents or injuries will be accepted.

Guests with Physical and Mental limitations and/or disabilities: Guests and anglers with physical and mental limitations and/or disabilities are welcome at Cherry Lakes. Please ensure we are made aware of any conditions at the time of booking. Any guests or anglers with physical or mental limitations and/or disabilities must at all times be accompanied by at least one other responsible adult who can assist them (if they are for example unsteady on their feet) or call for help in the case of an emergency. They must not be left on their own given the obvious dangers of the proximity of the water and falls etc.

Children: Staying with us is strictly for people over the age of 12 years. We are sorry, but given the proximity of the water, no young children are allowed. All anglers between 12-16 can only fish when accompanied by an adult. Babies who are not yet walking are welcome.

Pets: Sorry, no pets, including dogs, are allowed.

Smoking: Kingfisher Lodge is strictly non-smoking. Ash trays are provided on the external patio table for use. If any guests are found to be, or have clearly been, smoking within the Lodge then a deep cleaning charge of £250 will be applied as a breakage charge.

Cars: You can drive to your Lodge to unload and then all cars must be kept in the car park. If you need to keep your car by the Lodge (eg walking is difficult) this must be agreed in advance.

Groups: We do not accept bookings for single sex groups of more than two without the express prior agreement of the owners.

Visitors: Only allowed by prior agreement with the owners. Reasonable requests will be permitted.

Travel Insurance: We recommend guests having travel insurance which provides cancellation insurance to protect themselves against cancellations and loss of monies paid.

Cancellation Policy: We will refund your deposit (minus £50 administration charge) up to 12 weeks before your holiday. Any cancellation between 6-12 weeks prior to your holiday results in a lost deposit. The final balance is required 6 weeks before your holiday after which no refunds are offered on cancellation. We may be able to rearrange and re-sell your holiday without losing all of your monies depending on how much notice and the time of the year. If you have reserved a holiday through an agreed non-refundable deposit, then this deposit will not be refunded if you cancel your holiday.

Winter bookings: We will endeavour to let you know if the lake is frozen before you arrive, but we recommend you always contact us if the weather is particularly cold before setting off. Normally our aerators keep the lakes ice free. In the event the lake is frozen and you have booked you have two options:

  • If you choose to still come to Cherry Lakes to enjoy a nice winter’s break away from home but you are unable to fish; we will give you a 25% credit of the booking value against your next visit to Cherry Lakes.
  • If you choose to cancel, we will credit 50% of the booking value against your next visit to Cherry Lakes.

Cancellation at short notice by Cherry Lakes: In the unlikely event Cherry Lakes is unable to operate normally as a result of a flood or severe storm, or as a result of a major operational issue which cannot be quickly fixed (eg loss of power, water, sewage) or a request from the EA to close the fishery; the owners may be forced into temporarily closing Cherry Lakes at short notice. If this is ever necessary the following terms and conditions will apply

  • All guests who are asked and required to leave early from Cherry Lakes will receive a pro-rata refund for the nights remaining including the day which they are asked to leave on. (Eg if guests are asked to leave on a Wednesday at 4pm then they will receive a refund for Wednesday and Thursday nights). We will also seek to invite guests back to Cherry Lakes at a later date on a 50% discounted rate basis.
  • Guests who have yet to arrive, and would be adversely affected by the major operational issue at Cherry Lakes, will be contacted by us as soon as possible to advise you of the situation and outlook. If a decision is taken to cancel your holiday then guests will receive a full refund and invited to re-book on a 50% discounted rate basis.
  • No additional compensation to the above for cancelling part or all of your holiday will be paid.
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