Two of the Perkins family have a good weekend!

I will start with a 'small rant'. Everything we do at Cherry Lakes is geared to ensuring our Carp are in good condition and they remain this way after getting caught. All of our rules are designed to ensure this is the case as far as possible. To be fair most of our guests do abide by the rules and diligently watch the Carp handling video before they come. Inevitably some anglers do break them, most often by using barbed hooks.

This hook was found on the deck of one of our Lodges. Nothing about this hook is good. It is curved, barbed and also blunt! These patterns are designed for sea fishing and long lining on tightlines, as they work their way into the fishes mouth and cannot then come out.

We have also has recent examples of Carp towing line (trailers) which get caught in other anglers lines and fortunately get landed. Several of these have been on barbed hooks, which are much more difficult for the Carp to subsequently shed.

I sometimes get asked why we are strictly barbless, rather than allowing micro barbs. I know there is an argument that barbless hooks can slip and cut the Carp's mouth and cause more damage than a barbed hook which does not move. However, given I do not know the ability of all of our guests, nor the quality of their line/ rigs etc, I have to work to the 'lowest common denominator' and I sleep much better knowing that any lost Carp on broken line should be easily able to cast the hook etc.

So please forgive us, I have agreed with the enlarged Cherry Lakes management team that we will increase the number of rig checks etc. I hope you understand if we check you, and if you follow the rules there is nothing to worry about.

Darren Roberts. 38-02
Darren Roberts with the second PB of his trip. 'Pac-man' at 38-02

Darren Roberts who recently fished in the Cottage swim, smashed his PB for the third time during his trip when he landed 'Pac-man' at 38-02. Well done Darren.

We have the following vacancies on Cherry Lake over the next few weeks:-

09-13 October

16-20 and 20-23 October. Please email me on, or complete our new on-line booking process which can be found through the @Reservations' tab on the home page of the website.

Andy Perkins. 31-02 L
Andy Perkins with a Ghost mirror of 34-02 from Grebe Lodge

Regular Andy Perkins returned with his two grown sons, Ben and Luke to fish in Osprey and Grebe Lodges last weekend. From memory Andy who was in Grebe Lodge managed three Carp including this lovely Ghost Mirror above which weighed in at just over 34lb.

Ben in Osprey Lodge also reported 3 Carp including a 32-04 Mirror. Unfortunately brother Luke who was fishing beside Ben, did not catch anything and 'suffered' a blank. I imagine there was a fair amount of winding up on the way home! Well done Andy and Ben, and sorry Luke!

Ben Perkins. 31-02 R
Ben Perkins with a Cherry Lake Mirror of 32-04 from Osprey Lodge.
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