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2019 Reflections: 'Onwards and upwards'

44 different Carp over 30lb+ and 3 over 40lb+ exceeded our expectations

Almost as quick as a flash 2019 has come and gone. I thought in the absence of any catch updates …

Almost as quick as a flash 2019 has come and gone. I thought in the absence of any catch updates that it would be a good time to reflect on the year as it finishes and look forwards to a new year. I remember so vividly the build up to …

13 Dec 2019

Some more good winter Carp

Ian Ford becomes the 159th 30+ club member with a 30-06 Common from Cherry Lake

8 Dec 2019

Gary Owen with a 30-08 Mirror from Cherry Mere
Three winter 30lb+ Carp from Cherry Mere

Simon Peach and Rob Owen become the 157th and 158th members of the Cherry Lakes 30+ club

7 Dec 2019

A 35-13 Ghost Mirror in the net!
Leon Sprague lands a winter beauty.

Two winter Carp over 30lb from Cherry Lake warms the heart!

10 Nov 2019

'A bad day's fishing is betetr than a good day at work!'

Paul Salmon lands a 32-02 Common from Grebe Lodge

4 Nov 2019

Paul Mitchell. M 37-08 L.JPG
Our heavy work is about to begin!

We have several Angling Technics Bait Boats for sale

1 Nov 2019

Sunrise in the Cottage swim.jpg
Has winter arrived early?

It certainly feels like it!

29 Oct 2019

Tom Etchells amazing brace of 'new' thirties

Cherry Lake has now produced 43 different 30lb+ Carp in 2019

23 Oct 2019

The Chappell's lead the way in difficult conditions

Two more new members for the Cherry Lake 30+ club.

17 Oct 2019

Lee Jackson. 30-14
'What a great place Mike'. Lee Jackson returns to catch 'The Peach' at 30-14

'The Peach' is the 40th different 30lb+ Carp from Cherry Lake in 2019

12 Oct 2019

Adrian Bates with his new PB. A 26-13 Mirror from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs
Some lovely Carp and several PB's

Adrian Bates 26-13 from Cherry Springs is the biggest of the weekend.

7 Oct 2019

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