Ian Blackwell with a stunning 26-08 Ghost Common from Cherry Mere

Cherry Mere

Cherry Mere is a new lake of just under an acre and is a real piece of paradise! It is exclusively available to guests who book the fabulous Pochard Lodge. Pochard Lodge is our largest Lodge which can sleep up to 6 people and has two double bedrooms and a larger living area. A great place to spend a holiday break with your friends and family. For more details about the Lodge click here Pochard Lodge

Cherry Mere can be comfortably fished from the large astro-turf grass platform which is set out over the lake and can easily accommodate two anglers (maximum 6 rods in total) and three anglers at a push (maximum two rods each).

Pochard Exterior
Pochard Lodge. The biggest Lodge at Cherry Lakes sleeps up to 6

The following video which was made by one of our regular guests Paul Jennings several years ago. It is well worth watching as it successfully catches the atmosphere of Cherry Mere and how lovely it is. It also features 3 Carp over 20lb's to 24-09 and a lovely 15lb+ Ghost Common. Just think these Carp are even bigger now!.

Cherry Mere was stocked in 2014 with a 125 young top quality Mirror , Ghost and Common Carp between 10-32lb. Many of these Carp are fabulous to look at and have very distinctive scale patterns. The Carp have thrived in Cherry Mere and have also bred. As a result we now have a densely stocked lake containing 350-400 Carp between 7-36lb+ in Cherry Mere, most of which are home grown. The lake record is a 36lb Mirror Carp caught in September 2021.. There are lots of good twenties.

We estimate that there are currently approx. 50 Carp over 20lb in Cherry Mere. The on-going feeding programme comprising of Carp Pellets, Spod Mix and Cherry Lake boilies have ensured that the Carp have consistently kept growing despite the competition for food and are in top condition. For information and bait deals click here See bait deal section

Jamie Green with the big Cherry Mere Mirror at a new record weight of 34lb.
Jamie Green with a 34lb Mirror Cherry Mere Mirror

During the warmer months (April to October) we will often deploy a splash aerator which is held in position by ropes. This is to ensure good oxygen levels are maintained and the Carp keep feeding! These ropes (except for the last few feet) are above the water line and whilst proving to be a barrier for casting, bait boats can comfortably 'go under' the ropes near the margins. They should not represent a 'snag' whilst playing fish, providing anglers keep their rod tips under the water.

The bottom of Cherry Lake is firm and made of a combination of sand and gravel. The lake bottom was essentially 'cleaned up' when the lake was formed in 2014. Most of the lake is around 6-7 feet deep. There are several marginal shelves on the far bank as well as some more gently sloping banks on the near side. The photo below shows several shelves as well as how clean the lake bottom is.

Glenn Rowe with his new PB, a Cherry  Mere Mirror of 32lb
Glenn Rowe with a 32lb Cherry Mere Mirror

The margins are tree and reed lined and beautiful to look at. Cherry Mere due to the high stocking density does not contain any weed.

Cherry Mere
Cherry Mere. Simply stunning.

Cherry Mere also contains a healthy stock of Tench and Crucian Carp. These fish are normally bullied by the Carp and do not get a look in on normal Carp tactics. They are normally caught when fishing close to the banks, particularly on float tactics. With some of the Crucian Carp approaching 2lb, they are certainly worth a go.

The heavy stock level in Cherry Mere means that it is normally very productive and it is a great winter water. Similar to Cherry Springs it is not easy but nor is it it difficult. Most anglers fishing in normal conditions should expect to catch several Carp plus a day.

Dan Greenland 23-10
Dan Greenland with a Cherry mere 'Snow-Carp'.

Fish care and safety is paramount across Cherry Lakes. An approach welcomed by all good anglers who want to catch high quality good conditioned Carp. All anglers are expected to follow any advice or requests from the fishery management concerning fish safety.

All Lodges and the Cottage are provided with Carp Cradles, a 42″ Landing Net and a Weigh Sling, so no need to fill up the car with these, and avoid the wet fishy smells on the way back from your holiday! All Carp caught must be photographed over the Carp Cradle and returned to the water in the weigh sling.

Please ensure you read the rules before commencing fishing.

Maria 22lb.JPG
Maria Cleary was delighted with this 23lb Mirror, a new PB.
Cherry Mere
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